Austin HEALEY: 3000 100-6

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Manufacturer:Austin Healey
Engine:2.9 LITRE
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For your consideration, up for sale is my personal
Austin Healey 3000 - Model BN4 (100/6).
I purchased this car from a friend and fellow collector when it was presented to me, simply as I couldn't pass the rare opportunity up to acquire an unrestored, unmolested, Big Healey project with so much potential. It had been on my bucket list to own and restore a 3000, but with a wife, two young children and a busy business, time does not afford me the luxury of tending to as many cars as I've accumulated right now. With that being said, I've decided to consolidate down to what I can house in one garage and part with a couple of the vehicles.
A brief history as I understand it to be for this Healey has come from what I consider to be a very honest and reliable source. The car was said to be originally a Texas car, brought to Long Island sometime during the early seventies. At which point, the car was used for a few years and subsequently stored away in an individuals personal and heated garage after it was taken off the road. The friend I bought this 100/6 from, transported it upstate a number of years ago where it has been further and appropriately stored, awaiting a proper restoration. With space as a motivating factor, it was offered to me. Although I have no way of confirming the majority of the early history, I can verify the cleanliness of the sheet metal on this Healey supports this entirely, as does the 1977 New York State registration and inspection still present on the cars windscreen. The Healey was said to run, but hadn't in some time. It is clear that over the course of the cars storage, someone had planned on completing the necessary work, at least to some degree. While the registration indicted 1977, the unused tires on the car are clearly much newer and I would consider perfectly usable, as is. Resurrecting the Healey entailed the following replacements and upgrades
Within less than five hours of operation, the Healey has received a brand new gear reduction starter, plugs, points, wires, condenser, cap, rotor, wires, oil, coolant.
Next, the fuel was added to the dry tank, but it showed signs of being weepy and the outlet was lacquered shut. Once removed, the tank was unplugged, media blasted, flushed, cleaned, repaired and reinstalled. The fuel pump moved fuel well once primed, but as one with knowledge of early SU's may suspect, the original jet diaphragms were tired and leaky. I ordered the kits and serviced the carburetors. The car fired up in short order. With some quick adjustments, it was running strong, with great oil pressure and holding a steady 190-200 degrees-minus engine temperature, during the hot day in mid-July. The engine doesn't smoke excessively, knock or have any other noteworthy mechanical issues to report. It does emit a very minor puff at start up when warm, which is typical for these engines. Close inspection indicated the collector gaskets were the culprit of the loud exhaust, which have been replaced. The original flex pipes are a touch leaky as well at this point, but very much usable, should someone just want to commission and drive the car as is. The original cast manifold appears in fine shape. With the exhaust tended to, the carbs were better tuned and the engine sings. No skips or hesitation from idle up to redline. I've taken a short video of the car running from my iPhone, that I will try to post at youtube and add a link.
With a strong running engine, I focused next on brakes and clutchI have replaced the clutch master cylinder, slave cylinder and flex hose, making the Healey mobile under its own power. As is common with these cars when parked idle for long periods of time, the clutch disc had a tendency to stick to the flywheel at first. With exercise however, also as expected, it has been quickly improving significantly. I'd suspect with a little use, the issue will disappear entirely in no time. The brakes were gone through as well. Master cylinder, all six wheel cylinders and all three flex hoses have been replaced. The original steel piping in the car was beautiful and clean. I did have to replace two in the back as they were a touch banged up. The shoes all the way around were in nice shape, with a lot of life remaining. I do have a set of new rear shoes for the car, that I realized I had forgotten about until after it had been reassembled. They'll go with the car, but it truly doesn't need them for miles to come.
Driving has been limited to "around the neighborhood" for me in this Healey, but it has been fun, even under 30mph! The car runs well under a load and the transmission is both quiet and shifts perfectly throughout all of the four gears. The factory installed overdrive option works great too, with no latency at all! The suspension feels firm and predictable, steeling- pretty tight and remarkably, almost everything on the car works! Most of the lights (dash and exterior) the wipers, instruments are functioning well. Speedometer, tach, temp, fuel, oil pressure gauges all work as does the parking brake. The original cotton braided electrical loom looks a bit sketchy in spots, but the electrical system is pretty much functional throughout. The directionals were intermittent and the horn doesn't work (not hearing the relay click), but I haven't actually investigated any further.
The sheet metal on the car is better than any unrestored early Healey, I've come across. Critical and expensive to repair aluminum mid-sections, front and rear are absolutely gorgeous. They are straight and clean front to back and show only minor cosmetic work having been done over the course of the last nearly 60 years. There is no evidence of galvanization between the panels and the seams all look stunning underneath. The outer panels on the car are great as well. Absolutely no need to source fenders for this car or worse yet invest in poorly fitting, yet still expensive, reproductions. Front fenders are quite straight and spotless. The rears are very nice, but have classic Big Healey dogleg work to be done as well as the passenger inner rocker. The doglegs are definitely the bulk of the sheet metal work required by this car, for sure. The work necessary is contained approximately to the lower 4" on each side, behind the doors as illustrated in the pictures. The panels are very inexpensive, to the tune of about $50 a side and easily accessible to properly repair and finish. The rest of the rear fenders are beautiful. The original over riders on the bumpers are absolutely perfect, never bumped, quite uncommon. The originality of the Healey is pretty impressive and very complete. The interior is original and the seats clean and free of rips or wear. The rear backrest was missing when I purchased the car, so one will have to be sourced. Included is the original tonneau, which is in decent shape. It will need a few stictches repaired around the steering wheel pocket, but given its age, it's very nice. I do not have the soft top or side curtains, but the top frame is in the car and in great shape. The rear aluminum cockpit trim is also MIA, but inexpensive and easily obtainable. I've seen originals of these on eBay priced around a hundred dollars. The wheels are straight, clean and free of any missing spokes. The glass in the car, I believe is original and looks beautiful. No chips, cracks or pitting has been noted.
Again, I do stress there are some areas that will need attention, but overall, the car is amazing for a 56 year old Austin Healey. A True time capsule. The outriggers and structural components are great, the body itself shows no evidence of stress or sag. Panel and door fitment are as good or better than many high level restorations I've seen. The bonnet is laser straight and shows no evidence of fill or rust throughout. The boot is very savable, with a dent at the T handle and some light perforation, as is common with the 3000. Doors are clean and straight as indicated by the pics, as well. Note there is minor perforation present, here and there on the doors and outer rockers as well. The level of repair would naturally be dependent on the level of restoration that the new owner wishes to achieve.
This car would be a prime candidate for any level restoration or a killer car to commission and just tinker with it while its enjoyed and restore later. With original cars and patina being as popular as they are now, I'd personally probably use the car as it presents itself currently. Again, a few issues should be looked at in regards to light electrical, perhaps light miscellaneous mechanical attention, etcetera to be considered safe reliable. I'd recommend tending to some gaskets (notably the oil pan gasket) as it does drip oil. Of course, any proper restoration is a substantial undertaking. With that being said, I feel this car would be a viable project option for someone with mid-level restoration skills, as I feel it shouldn't require extensive and in-depth repair work to any of the major systems / sheet metal. Being an unrestored and nearly 60 year old car, clearly I can't make any guarantees. Please make your own determinations and bid accordingly. In person inspections are not only welcomed, but encouraged. I do have extensive experience with classic British cars and would be happy to field any questions, comments or concerns that you may have. In return, I ask that you only bid if you're planning on completing the purchase. Please bid to win and have funds available as the reserve price on this car is extremely reasonable, based on what rusted out, non-running or thrown together cars, full of unknowns are offered at. Of course, funds must be secured prior to picking up the car. I require a PayPal deposit of $1000 within 48 hours of the auction close and balance within a week, unless other arrangements are agreed upon before hand. If the balance is not paid in a reasonable and timely fashion, I'll consider the sale abandoned and move forward. My apologies to the thousands of responsible eBay bidders for the need to include that. Not everyone is as responsible in placing bids as others. I have sold cars that I have owned in the past locally, nationally and internationally. I don't mind overseas bidders, but the same rules apply. I can assist you or your shipper, but ultimately the transportation lies on the buyer. I also don't mind storing the car in its current indoor location for a couple weeks once paid for, if agreed upon in advance. However, I won't store it for months at a time without a daily storage fee being implemented.

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